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This organization is owned by Haitians and giving back to Haitians to make a sustainable business structure that allows them to educate others to care for their community members. 

In Haiti, the majority of people with limb differences do not have the ability to pay for their own orthotic or prosthetic devices. The vision of Haiti Reh-Care was to create a business that would give some patients a free device. 


Edelyne always had the dream to have her own rehabilitation center. In the beginning there was no rush, she wanted to do what was best for her community. Then organizations started to give away free prostheses and she began to think about all the amputees who don't have money to pay for their device. She said she should find a way to help them, and at the same time she contacted her colleague, Guirna, to tell her about the project. Guirna saw the project as a unique way to create a clinic and business that can help people with disabilities. 

They also contacted other NGO's to pay for some patients with the possibility for them to get a job after they get their prosthesis to help them to have a better life. 

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Meet the Founders

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Edelyne Estimphil

Founder, Prosthetist Orthotist

Edelyne Estimphil is an orthoprothetist with 19 years of experiences. She was working in Prosthetics/ Orthotics in January of 2002 when she attended a three month basic training with an organization Aids for Aged. She has also attended trainings in Canada, Nicaragua,  and El Salvador. In 2012, thanks to a project Handicap international founded by US aid, spent 3.5  years in O&P training and achieved her ISPO certificate.

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Guirna Morisset

Founder, Prosthetist Orthotist

Please Introduce Yourself:

Guirna Morisset has been an orthoprothetist since 2010.  After the earthquake of January 2010, she attended an Otto Bock study project. 
At the beginning of the year 2012, she started her studies at Don Bosco University of El Salvador. she finished her studies in 2015, and achieved her ISPO certificate as well diploma of Don Bosco University.

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